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TIP: To calculate your menstrual cycle length, count the number of days from the first day of your cycle (Day 1 of your menstrual period) to the day before your next period starts. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, although for many women the length varies.

How do you know when you’re ovulating?

The five days leading up to and including ovulation are when you are the most fertile, so if you are trying to conceive it’s important to know when you are ovulating. Ovulation usually occurs halfway through your normal menstrual cycle (which starts the first day of your menstrual cycle and ends the day before your next period). So if your cycle is normally 28 days – you are ovulating on day 14, with your most fertile days ranging from day 10 and 14. Keep track of your menstrual cycle for a few months to get an idea of what is normal for you.

Another way to track your ovulation pattern is by taking your temperature with a basal thermometer. For a month or two, take your temperature first thing in the morning and record it in a journal. You are the most fertile on the day your temperature spikes. This pattern will help you identify your ovulation pattern for your next cycle.

For some women, their body will send them a signal they are ovulating. This could mean that your cervical mucus will become copious, clear, and slippery – like egg whites. For other women, they will have pelvic discomfort, which could range from a dull ache to a sharp twinge.

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